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12 is Better Than 6 Is Now Out On Steam!


A wave of tequila, blood and bullets is going to hit every PC with the release of Top-Down, kill-everyone shooter “12 is Better Than 6” by Ink Stains Games and Pinkapp games. It is available on Steam since 20th November for $9.99. “12 is Better Than 6” combines breakneck action with stylized visuals and an atmospheric Wild West soundtrack layered on an intense narrative that delivers one of the year’s most driving indie games.

12 Is Better Than 6 was Greenlit by Steam Community in 4 days and funded on Kickstarter with the “staff pick” featuring!

Gamers will step into the dirty, lawless and cruel world of the North America land, 1873. A wrongly incarcerated man is attempting to escape prison to wreak havoc on those who sought to do wrong against him and exact his revenge. “12 Is Better Than 6” demands sharp reactions when killing everyone and a creative approach when playing it stealth. Wield the authentic weaponry: revolvers, guns, bows, knives, pitchforks and even ordnance. Rob trains, protect the innocents, collude with Sheriffs, and eradicate the gangs. Find out how long you can endure against the whole world… you might then understand why 12 is always better than 6.

To be judged by 12 means that you get to go to court, where you’ll be judged by a jury of 12 people who will ultimately decide upon your fate.